Intro: new health & lifestyle blog!

Hi and welcome!

What this blog is about and why I’m doing it

This is my new and pretty wide-reaching blog covering all aspects of health and wellbeing. My intention is to catalogue various topics and review existing information, input my own thoughts, and provide readers with a somewhat-comprehensive and ever-growing resource of steps one can take to feel better in their own skin: I fully believe anyone is capable of enacting positive change be it large or small.

My (blog-savvy) partner suggested blogging would, if nothing else, be a good way for me to keep track of all the information I come across in my reading and experience… and would be far more effective than my current ‘link-dump’ approach of bookmarking in Firefox. But now I’m here, I’m really looking forward to creating a resource for both myself and others :)

Although the name of the blog would suggest a grizzled weight-training resource (and certainly there will be plenty of training info and links included here), I use the word ‘strength’ in terms of mobility and the ability to control your own body: everyone can (and should) have the strength to stand on one leg, to run and jump freely, and sit on a chair with correct posture and without back pain: these are all strength-related issues!

Who am I? – the short

My name’s Chris, 26 years old, living in the UK, and while I feel like I’ve sort of missed-the-bus on the whole blogosphere thing, but the universal rule is that it’s not too late unless your parents are doing it first (thankfully this is not the case so I’m all clear).

… the long

I work in Big Business, having spent most of my youth jumping through all the right hoops to get on the corporate ladder, but have recently resolved (having been thinking about it from around 3 months into my first career job) to take the plunge and get off The Great Treadmill(™) of modern living. And while it’s not like I’m throwing it all away to become a Witch Doctor in South Africa (not quite, but it feels like it sometimes), I’m upping stakes and moving with my partner to Istanbul due to her family commitments. We only have a very vague timescale for this at the minute, but it’s going to happen at some point.

You see, while I’m a competent financier, this impending reality-shift provides me with a great opportunity to re-evaluate my life and do something I really feel worth doing. Exactly what that is I’m not sure yet, but it involves educating on the truths of healthy living, nutrition, exercise, longevity, and most importantly happiness.

I’ve spent little time really evaluating my options, but I think personal training (though I dislike the term and it’s ‘salesman’ connections), nutrition and wellness coaching is something I would love doing. The reason I say this is because I feel passionately PASSIONATELY about these topics: I feel the urge to shout these things from rooftops; to teach mum (the universal “mum”) why a healthy, vibrant and strong body is more important than losing 5 lbs the Weight-Watchers way; and to show corporate-types that back pain, lordosis, and a spare tire are not part-and-parcel of the job.

In short, this is something I would happily do for free: and isn’t that the niche we’re all be seeking?

Is this blog for you?

If you are someone :

  • Interested in health, wellness and nutrition (as mentioned above, I shall be using this as a platform for providing free advice as well as a repository for all the fantastic links I have found over the years);
  • Looking for practical solutions, on a small or large-scale, to improving your wellbeing;
  • Interested in witnessing my extrication from the shackles of a salary-man to a dream-pursuer, possibly as a person who’s been having the same “is this it?”-type thoughts (and I know there are a lot of you out there);
  • With waaay too much free time

– then please stop by!

I’ll be aiming to provide updates at least weekly with a quasi-regular article on a specific topic I believe is of interest to myself and my wider audience (and if anyone would like my opinion on a particular topic all you have to do is ask!), as well as links to awesome stuff I find on the internet ;)

Thanks for reading,

– fullcirclestrength